My name is Alexander Meijers. I live in the Netherlands with my girlfriend and 4 children. When it comes to technology I get twinkles in my eyes. I love to explore and try out new technologies. Around 4 years ago I came across a Microsoft HoloLens device. Since then my life has changed. I even became a Microsoft Windows Developer MVP for Mixed Reality.

My goal is to help organizations achieve more by creating, improving and working smarter. This with the aim of shortening business processes and improving the environment for employees. I’m able to understand business issues and translate them into logical solutions using technology.

This helps me to support companies in applying emerging experiences during their journey in digital transition. I’m experienced with technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in combination with cloud services from the Microsoft Azure platform and Office 365. I have a strong background in SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure and mixed reality services like Remote Assist, Microsoft Guides, Azure Remote Rendering and related Dynamics services.

My primary focus for the last few years has been manufacturing, industry, construction, logistics and maritime sector.

My interests are pre-sales activities, workshops, inspiration sessions, guiding customers in their digital innovation, building products and services in any role from developer to business.

I have a weakness for the community. They are my second family. I’m organizer of a Dutch Mixed Reality User Group. Next to that I’m the organizer of the world-wide GobalXR.Community, the GlobalXRBootcamp and the montlhy GlobalXRTalks. I always want to inspire, motivate and support others and help them to become better.

I strongly believe in a big future with XR within the next 2 years. And I love to go into that journey with all of you!

Contact details

Alexander Meijers

Global XR Tech lead working for Avanade

Phone: +31639896134