Speaking at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon about Remote Assist and Guides

Speaking at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon about Remote Assist and Guides

I’m honored to have two talks at one of the largest Microsoft 365 online events in the world called Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon. An 36 hour event happening on May 27th till May 28th 2020. The event is a joined effort between SharePoint Conference and members of the Office 365 community. And that’s not even all. There are keynotes from key Microsoft employees and from thought leaders and members of the community like Jeff Teper, Bill Baer and Naomi Moneypenny. A truly great online event for everybody with an incredible amount of content. Over 300 speakers will deliver more than 400 sessions during this event. And it is all for free!

My sessions are focusing on solving business problems around training, guidance and remote assistance. Microsoft has two major Mixed Reality applications which are part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack. In a time like this these applications are becoming more and more important for organizations.

Getting your employees ready for business using Microsoft Guides

Microsoft offers a broad range of out-of-the-box solutions for the Mixed Reality market. One of them is creating customized training modules for new workers on the factory floor. Using Dynamics 365 and Microsoft HoloLens we are able to create a specific training which allows new workers to be more quickly in learning their daily job. The session contains explanation of the different functionalities of Microsoft Guides and live demonstration of the application.

Empower your workers using Microsoft Remote Assist

Microsoft offers a broad range of solutions modernizing field services with Mixed Reality for technicians. It empowers them by offering modern tools like Mixed Reality devices, Video calls, Annotations and File Sharing capabilities. These tools allow field service workers to solve complex problems even faster, collaborate together with experts and gives them easy access to work orders. During this session we will show you a global overview of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist using Dynamics, Teams and HoloLens.

Join my online sessions

Hopefully you can join one or both of my sessions and learn more about the world of Mixed Reality, Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Microsoft’s great applications to support many industries and sectors. Sessions will be recorded and available at a later time.